Why CF Napa?

Unlike other agencies that work within a blinding myriad of industries; our focus is 100% within the wine, spirits and beer sectors. This specialization has allowed us to become experts in the alcoholic beverage category. We have an exceptional understanding of design that sells, complimented by professional project management and flawless production oversight. The result has been solutions that consistently produce both critical acclaim and strong measurable return on investment for our clients.

With over 35 years of knowledge, CF Napa’s solutions are firmly grounded in strategy that considers the current marketplace, the increasingly more sophisticated consumer, as well as the rapidly changing technology within the industry. CF Napa has created hundreds of new brands with incredible success and restaged even more existing brands, maximizing their strategic positioning. Our clients span the full gamut from growers and producers to retailers.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, differentiated strategic positioning and evocative design are essentials for establishing an emotional and cognitive connection between consumer and brand. Beyond the external, tangible attributes of a product lies an intangible quality, “Brand Essence.” We capture the horsepower of your brand’s essence in our design to maximize sales potential and ROI (Return on Innovation).

“We’ve won hundreds of awards, most importantly,
we’ve helped our clients sell millions of cases.”

David Schuemann
Owner/Creative Director
CF Napa Brand Design