David Schuemann To Speak at Wine Vision 2014, London UK

November 17-19, 2014 / Wine Vision

Wine Vision 2014 returns to London with the objective of setting an agenda for the wine sector. The conference will hear from experts in many fields including branding, packaging, multi-channel retailing, digital communications and emerging markets- freshly igniting the debate about how the industry can innovate and prepare better for the future. CF Napa owner and creative director David Schuemann will be one of the leading experts and is scheduled to speak on the topic of: “We Drink with our Eyes™, Why those that like the label love the wine”.

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2014 Package Design Award Winners

Annual Collectible Issue - 2014 Award Winners / Package Design

Made from a custom glass mold, Anew’s package stands out on a store shelf. An applied ceramic label provides a faux-etch look that conveys the brand essence of Anew – “for those seeking balance in their life”.

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Forbes: The Coolest Wine Labels for 2014

September 16, 2014 / Forbes

It’s time for the coolest wine labels slideshow—an annual, and sometimes bi-annual, collection of wine labels that go above and beyond, delivering a “wow” factor that makes them as much fun to look at as they are to consume.

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David Schuemann Joins Women of the Vine Advisory Board as Organization Prepares for First Annual Global Symposium

March 13-15, 2015 / Women of the Vine

The world of wine is neither a man’s world nor a woman’s world; but now as we enter a true Golden Age for wines, women are increasingly visible as leaders in every aspect of wine growing, wine making, buying, distributing, marketing, sales, educating, wine writing and so much more. The Symposium aims to provide tangible strategies to help women further their careers within the ever-changing wine world.
The inaugural Women of the Vine Global Symposium will take place March 13-15, 2015 at The Meritage Resort and Spa and will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, seminars, special guest hosted luncheons and a Grand Tasting Gala. The educational programs will include such topics as; trends in one and off-premise sales, finding mentors, inheriting the family business, succession plans and more.


David Schuemann To Speak at Wines & Vines Pack. 2014

August 20, 2014 / Wines & Vines

Wines & Vines offers industry experts an all-day conference about wine packaging: what works and what does not, how it serves wine sales, anti-counterfeiting, and the technology and innovations that serve good packaging.

Join CF Napa and guest speaker David Schuemann during the Morning General Session at 9:00am where Dave will explore and discuss the process behind implementing an innovative design. After the presentation, be sure to stop by booth #34 to view latest work by CF Napa and review our book, 99 Bottles of Wine.

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More Than Words – Evoking Emotion and Intrigue with Wine Label Art

April 2014 / North Bay Biz

Staring down at a restaurant’s wine list, there’s only so much to go on for the average wine drinker. Often, the varietal, winery’s reputation, and price guide us. If we can manage to remember that we’ve had it before or enjoyed our visit to the tasting room, that helps, too. But standing amid the rows of bottles in our local wine shop or supermarket, consumers are often swayed by a whole different element: the wine label.

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When it’s Time to Redesign, How to Collaborate on Packaging Design

May, 2014 / Wines & Vines

When wineries have grown enough to become established brands, the time inevitably comes that someone wants to redesign the packaging. David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director of CF Napa and author of the book 99 Bottles of Wine, enumerates what motivates clients.

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David Schuemann Speaking at the Craft Beverage Expo

May, 2014 / Craft Beverage Expo

CF Napa Owner and Creative Director David Schuemann will be speaking on Thursday May 8, 2014 at the Craft Beverage Expo in San Jose on the topic of: Sending the Right Message- Defining and Refining Your Brand.

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David Schuemann Speaks at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

January 30, 2014 / 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Wine Packaging: Steps, Trends and Innovations to Increase Consumer Pull

Do consumers face too many choices in the wine category these days? In the canyon of glass, how do brands break out and truly differentiate through packaging, identity, design and positioning? What role does glass play in the future of wine packaging? Will design have to give way to legal mandates? These are some of the questions we look to tackle as we explore the evolving landscape of wine labeling and package design. We are excited to have you join and participate with this panel and hopefully gain a greater appreciation for what the future might hold and some tips from design experts on how you might break away from the mundane canyon of glass.

Cynthia Lohr, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, California

Natasha Hayes, Crimson Wine Group, California
Jordan Kivelstadt, Free Flow Wines, California
David Schuemann, CF Napa Brand Design, California
Melinda Wooten, K&W Strategems, California


Wine Review Online’s Review of “99 Bottles of Wine”

December 2013 / Wine Review Online

“If you collect art books, are interested in wine label design, or are looking for a unique holiday gift, look no further than 99 Bottles of Wine.”

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Great Wine News Review of “99 Bottles of Wine”

December 2013 / Great Wine News

CF Napa Brand Design offers the stories behind many of its label designs in 99 Bottles of Wine. By understanding a person’s emotional and cognitive response to design, graphic artists are captivating and reflecting the true essence within each bottle.

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“99 Bottles of Wine” Explores the Fine Art of Label Making

Holiday 2013 / Inside Napa Valley

The book highlights not just the label design, but the clients and processes behind the design. In deciding the write the book, “I thought people would find it interesting to see just how much goes into something that they probably never stopped and thought much about,” author David Schuemann said. “There are so many interesting stories – the people behind the brands themselves and the challenges they were facing.”

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Some Very Fine Wine Books

November 26, 2013 / The Press Democrat

It’s getting to be that time of year when the world of books to read and books to give collide. This year, there has been an outpouring of interesting books. Here are our choices, including “99 Bottles of Wine” by David Schuemann.

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AM650’s Best of Food & Wine Guest Speaker David Schuemann, Author of “99 Bottles of Wine”

November 14, 2013 / AM650's Best of Food & Wine with Tony & Kasey


Toronto’s AM650 Tony & Kasey’s Best of Food and Wine Show interviews David Schuemann and discusses the importance of wine packaging and David’s new book 99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of the Contemporary Wine Label. 



NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show – Bottles and Brains: What Wine Tells Us About Consumer Behavior

November 13, 2013 / NPR's Kojo Nnamdi Show

It’s called “drinking with our eyes” — the way many of us choose wine bottles based purely on our reactions to their labels. But the science behind wine marketing reveals a great deal about the collective psychology of consumers. We explore the secrets some marketers employ to appeal to consumers and learn how to judge wine by factors other than their labels with guest David Schuemann.



Book Focus on Packaging Design, “99 Bottles of Wine”

November 2013 / Wines & Vines

The new book “99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of a Contemporary Wine Label” by David Schuemann, owner and creative director at CF Napa Brand Design in Napa, Calif., details the creative process of designing the labels and packaging of some of the most notable wine brands in the world.

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Drinking With Your Eyes

November 7, 2013 / Napa Valley Register

“As consumers, we all eat and drink with our eyes,” said David Schuemann, owner and creative director of CF Napa Brand Design. “A wine label is a major factor influencing not only purchase decisions but also our actual enjoyment of the wine.”

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Wine Enthusiast’s Holiday Gift Guide Featuring “99 Bottles of Wine”

December 2013 / Wine Enthusiast

David Schuemann’s full color coffee table wine book, 99 Bottles of Wine, is featured in Wine Enthusiast’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, the annual list of must-haves for the wine lover, the cocktail connoisseur and the beer devotee – and anyone who really loves great cheese and chocolate.

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99 Bottles Bottles of Wine – Book Review

October 2013 / Joe Roberts 1winedude.com

Joe Roberts, founder of 1winedude.com, reviews David Schuemann’s 99 Bottles of Wine. Joe writes, “An impressive and heartfelt foreword and an excellent design showcase.”

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food republic image

How To Design A Best-Selling Wine Label – A Q&A with the man behind “99 Bottles of Wine”

October 2013 / Food Republic

David Schuemann, and his studio CF Napa, have designed labels for dozens of well-known and small-batch brands. David has just released a book of his favorites, 99 Bottles of Wine, and reveals to us just what draws people’s eye to a bottle and why certain labels simply turn us off.

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Drinking with Your Eyes – Wine Labels of The Future?

October 22, 2013 / Bordeaux Undiscovered Wine Shop

Wine labels can seduce us into buying a bottle of wine and David Schuemann’s book 99 Bottles of Wine exposes some of the industry’s secrets about the subliminal messages that trick us into making that purchase.

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CRN Digital Talk Radio’s Interview with David Schuemann, author of “99 Bottles of Wine”

October 2013 / CRN Digital Talk Radio

Melding story, heritage, imagination and marketing with evocative design, Napa-resident and author David Schuemann, a leading designer to the wine world, gives readers a behind-the-scenes peek into how a wine’s story comes to life on its package–and how it lures a customer in.



Drinking With Your Eyes: How Wine Labels Trick Us into Buying

October 2013 / NPR's The Salt Blog

In his new book, 99 Bottles of Wine,  David Schuemann spills the industry’s secrets about how wine labels tickle our subconscious and coerce us into grabbing a bottle off the shelf.

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Anew, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates wins Glass Packaging Institute’s 2013 Clear Choice Awards

October 2013 / Package Design 2013 Awards Issue

Made from a custom glass mold, Anew’s package stands out on a store shelf. An applied ceramic label, by CF Napa Brand Design, provides a faux-etch look that conveys the brand essence of Anew- “for those seeking balance in  their life.”

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Best of the Bottles, an Examination of the Elements of Winning Packaging

October 2013 / Wines and Vines Bottles and Labels Issue

CF Napa’s Cecchetti Wine Co. Austerity shipper is recognized by Beverage Testing Institute as the winning shipper design for 2012’s Wine Packaging Competition. When creating the label and packaging design, Roy Ceccetti challenged CF Napa with his concept, “Create a new wine brand named Austerity that looks like a million bucks, tastes like a million bucks but doesn’t cost a million bucks.”

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David Schuemann Speaks at The Luxury Marketing Council’s “Best Practices for Small Producers”

August 8th, 2013 / The Luxury Marketing Council

David Schuemann spoke about “Wine Label Design, the Do’s and Don’ts”at The Luxury Marketing Counsil’s “Best Practices for Small Producers” boot camp on August 8th, 2013 at Inglenook Vineyards Rutherford, CA.


David Schuemann Interviewed on radio program “The Sipping Point”

April 27, 2013 / The Sipping Point Podcast

Famous Branding and Wine Label Designer David Schuemann Joined us to talk about what wineries consider when creating their labels. Dave’s new book 99 Bottles of Wine tackles this topic and highlights 99 of his most iconic works. The book will be released in June and details can be found at www.99bottlesofwine.com



Women for WineSense – Marketing & DTC Roundtable with David Schuemann

April 15, 2013 / Women for WineSense

David Schuemann spoke on April 15, 2013 at Women for WineSense’s roundtable at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Napa, CA.

Nimble Sonoma Wine Company Zips Into the Fast Lane

March 2013 / The Press Democrat

Roy Cecchetti and David Schuemann discuss the successful brand development and rapid growth of Cecchetti Wine Company brands.

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International Mobius Awards

January 2012 / 1st Place Statuette

The Mobius Awards – the oldest, independent, international design awards competition awarded CF Napa Brand Design’s package design for High Roller the coveted 1st Place Statuette. The Mobius Awards draws entrants from 33 countries and consistently is one of the most prestigious design awards on the planet.


Gourmet Packages
Team Substance With Style

October 2012 / Food Processing

David Schuemann talks about CF Napa’s recent redesign of Luna Nuda and how the right packaging can drive sales.

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CF Napa’s David Schuemann Presents
at the Wines of Chile Conference
in Santiago, Chile

August 2012

The seminar covered the results of research from Wine Intelligence, a leading company in consultancy, global marketing and market studies for the wine industry. It also covered the opportunities available to Chilean wines in the U.S. market, as well as preferences and behavior of U.S. consumers. David presented on “The core of every successful brand” and addressed new trends in packaging and labeling in relation to Chilean wines. He discussed ways to increase visibility in the complex U.S. market.

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Communication Arts Insights

June 2012 / Brainstorms and Collaboration

Design industry leader, Communication Arts, interviews David Schuemann.

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Wine Producers Serving Greener Packaging

March 2012 / Packaging Digest

David Schuemann discusses CF Napa’s Yellow Jersey and Clif AstraPouch and the increasing demand for alternative green packaging.

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High-End Retailers Talk Packaging

March 2012 / Wines & Vines Magazine

CF Napa’s The Climber AstraPouch is featured in the “Earn an elevated price-point with an elegant look and outstanding wine” discussion.

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CF Napa’s David Schuemann Presents at the Best Practices for Owning and Operating a Winery Conference

March 2012

CF Napa Brand Design’s Owner and Creative Director, David Schuemann, presented at the 6th Annual Best Practices for Owning and Operating a Winery conference on March 8 and 9, 2012, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Napa. Mr. Schuemann participated in a panel discussion titled “Developing and Growing Your Brand” that took place March 9 at 10:00 am.

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Schuemann shares insights on
Millennial wine drinkers in
North Bay Business Journal article

February 2012 / Inside The Millennial Mind - North Bay Business Journal

If you want to attract millennials to your business, you first have to understand them. David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director of CF Napa Brand Design provides his insight on the millennial generation and how it effects your brand strategy.

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Painted Rock Ranked #1 in BC and #3 in Canada

November 2011 / Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards

Painted Rock was just ranked the #1 winery in British Columbia and the #3 winery in Canada at the 2011 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards, receiving 13 medals including 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze. The evocative, modern label design continues to build the foundation for Painted Rock’s success.

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Redtree, Line 39 & Backhouse Propel Cecchetti Toward 300,000 Cases

September 2011 / Shanken News Daily

Cecchetti Wine Company’s Redtree & Line 39 brands continue to be some of the fastest growing brands in the US, an exceptional ROI on CF Napa’s design work. Redtree saw its volume rise 24.5% to 137,000 cases last year and Line 39 has nearly doubled in volume to 63,000 cases. New brand, Backhouse has tripled first year targets with cases expected to reach 30,000 cases. Cecchetti expects its total portfolio to be near the 300,000-case-mark by the end of 2011.


CF Napa’s Bluebird AstraPouch Feature Article

January/February 2012 / Package Design Magazine

CF Napa’s category changing Bluebird AstraPouch design featured by the Editor of Package Design Magazine.

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CF Napa Featured: AstraPouch Design For Premium Brands

September 2011 / North Bay Business Journal

CF Napa designed Birdbird for Home Team Wines and The Climber for Clif Family Winery in a 1.5 liter AstraPouch, instead of the traditional bottle. Premium brands are breaking new ground by selecting an AstraPouch design as a green alternative for their packaging needs.


CF Napa Shares Expertise: Wines & Vines Cover Story

May 2011 / Wines & Vines

CF Napa Brand Design’s Owner and Creative Director David Schuemann shares how to avoid several common printing and bottling mistakes. Paper issues, embossing, debossing, label application, and bottling tests are discussed to ensure your packaging looks and performs its absolute best.

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San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

January 2011 / Label Contest Judging

David Schuemann was part of the panel of judges at the First Annual 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Label Contest. The label contest winner was selected from 85 label entries. The SF Chronicle Wine Competition has once again broken records with overall entries at over 5,000 from 23 states, making it the largest competition of American wines in the world. The public tasting will be held Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

November 10, 2010 – April 11, 2011 / How Wine Became Modern - Exhibit Design + Wine 1976 to Now

CF Napa Brand Design is honored to announce the inclusion of several of their wine package designs in this prestigious exhibition. How Wine Became Modern explores the visual culture of wine and its stunning transformation over the last three decades.

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Napa Valley Museum

August – October 2010 / Art & Wine The Expression of An Industry Exhibit

CF Napa Brand Design was honored to have six of the studio’s wine label, shippers and other work included in this comprehensive look at the artwork, packaging and presentation of Napa Valley’s internationally-acclaimed wines.


Beverage World Magazine

July 2010 / BevStar Awards 2010

The BevStar Awards recognize innovation among individual brands across beverage categories based on innovation in ingredients, packaging and positioning, as well as overall uniqueness. CF Napa’s concept and design for the Four Wines Tube was selected as the Eco-Leader. This innovative packaging reduces its carbon footprint by 50% vs. traditional wine packaging, uses 100% recyclable materials and is printed using wind power.

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Luxury Marketing Council

June 10, 2010 / How to Make Sense of Today's Chaotic Luxury Wine Market - An Advanced Survival School for Wine Marketers

David Schuemann, the Owner and Creative Director of CF Napa, was a featured speaker at Rubicon Estate for the June Luxury Marketing Council conference on the Luxury Wine in the Napa Valley. Dave offered tangible and actionable examples of successful strategies and tactics that CF Napa employs with its clients in today’s marketplace that are creating and strengthening brand performance, customer experience, and market ROI for products, services and venues.


American Distilling Institute

June 3, 2010 / Whiskey Distilling Workshop

David Schuemann, CF Napa Brand Design’s Owner and Creative Director, spoke at The American Distilling Institute’s Workshop in June. David covered several key elements to building a successful spirits brand including CF Napa’s process to determine a brand’s “Essence” and the critical role that it should play in building a brand. David’s talk also touched on how investment in packaging of a spirit can correlate directly to bottom line success and the relative affordability of custom glass and the opportunities that this can provide even boutique productions.


Wine Road – Northern Sonoma County

May 26, 2010 / The New ABC: – Always Be Creative - Turning assets into customers

David Schuemann, CF Napa Brand Design’s Owner and Creative Director, was a featured speaker at the Wine Road one day seminar and discussed the power of creativity in the wine business. The talk outlined CF Napa’s process of discovering a brand’s intangible qualities called “Brand Essence” and how this can be leveraged to enhance a winery’s or brand’s existing assets for increased bottom line results.


Wines & Vines – 11th Annual Packaging Issue

May 2010 Packaging Issue

The article highlights an interview with David Schuemann, CF Napa Brand Design’s Owner and Creative Director, about their wine package strategy and what’s motivating packaging design decisions in today’s market. CF Napa’s new brands for Target Brands, Inc. and green packaging for Four Wine Brand were featured in the article along with CF Napa’s rebrand of Diageo’s Jade Mountain that was prominently featured on the issue’s cover.

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CF Napa Featured: Wine Business Monthly – Second Labels

April 2010 / Wine Business Monthly

The article, Second Labels, explores how both second labels and redesigned packaging for existing brands target certain price segments. CF Napa Brand Design’s Owner and Creative Director David Schuemann discusses building value through packaging that increases perceived value through improved packaging to protect against retailer discounting and improved sales through increased consumer “pull”. CF Napa Brand Design’s redesign of Dancing Coyote is featured as an example of a brand they restaged to reflect a higher perceived value.

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North Bay Business Journal

Wine Packaging Shifts to Thrift in Cost, Resources

North Bay Business Journal interviews David Schuemann of CF Napa Brand Design for his expertise on the latest trends in wine packaging and brand development in today’s economy. According to Schuemann, wineries are “reworking brands to enter a new price point, particularly the hot under-$10-a-bottle segment.”

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Wine Brands

Success Strategies for New Markets, New Consumers and New Trends

This latest brand book on how to build a successful Wine brand showcases two brands created by CF Napa Brand Design and their on-target messaging for their particular target demographic.

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Wines & Vines – 10th Annual Packaging Issue

Label Makeovers

CF Napa Brand Design’s redesign of the identity and packaging for J Vineyards still wine labels is showcased. The new package design pulls its inspiration from each varietal’s vineyard and the Russian River appellation.

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Impact & Market Watch

Redtree – Named a 2008 Impact Hot Prospect Brand

M. Shanken has named Cecchetti Wine Company’s Redtree brand designed by CF Napa Brand Design a 2008 Impact Hot Prospect Brand in the Sept 1 & 15 issues of Impact Global Newsletter. The criteria for this prestigious award are: depletions of least 50,000 nine-liter cases but not over 200,000 in 2008 and at least 15% growth in 2008 and consistent growth in 2006 and 2007.

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Beverage World – Global Edition

Breaking the "Rules"

Jean-Charles Boisset, President of Boisset Family Estates attributes its portfolio brand growth to packaging designed by design partner CF Napa Brand Design.

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Wine Country Minute

Design Cents

Wine Country Minute Interviews David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director of CF Napa Brand Design for his expertise on wine label design. Schuemann shares his insight in the industry: “Our business is about selling wine. It is not purely decorative design”.

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Logo Lounge

Master Library Series, Initials & Crests - Master Library Series, Animals & Mythology

CF Napa Brand Design has been selected for inclusion in two of Logo Lounge’s design annuals this year. Logo Lounge is a web-based resource that showcases the best logo designs from around the world. Each year the best-of-the-best are selected for publication in their design annuals that feature identities by leading industry designers from around the globe.


American Package Design Awards, GDUSA 2009

Perception, Perception Wines Grand Rêve, Grand Rêve Vintners Brazin, Delicato Family Vineyards Anatomy, Hesperian Wines

The American Package Design Awards spotlights each year’s top design innovators and their designs. Out of 8,000 submissions from across the country, four of CF Napa Brand Design’s designs were selected and featured in their prestigious annual.


Napa Valley Register

CF Napa Reaps Awards

CF Napa continues to garner top honors. David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director of CF Napa Brand Design was selected by Graphic Design USA this year as “One to Watch” and CF Napa was showcased as one of the top design firms in the United States by “Branding -USA 2″ a graphic communications publication.

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Zink – Miracles of Modern Design

Label Conscious Wines

Zink, an international fashion, beauty, design, art and entertainment magazine, spotlights CF Napa’s outstanding designs and how CF Napa incorporates “brand story” into the overall design solution.

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London International Awards

Finalist: Ehlers Estate 1886, Ehlers Estate

The London International Awards, regarded by many as the most prestigious global award honoring advertising, design and digital media has named CF Napa Brand Design as a finalist in the “Best in Packaging” category. For the past 24 years the iconic LIA has awarded the best worldwide, celebrating the power of ideas, and recognizing the Legends, Iconoclasts, and Avatars of creative excellence.


American Graphic Design Awards, GDUSA 2008

Brazin, Delicato Family Vineyards - Veloce, Turrini Wine & Spirits - Fuse, Fuse Wine Company - Janzen To Kalon, Janzen Estate - Redtree, Cecchetti Wine Company

The American Graphic Design Awards spotlights each year’s top design innovators and their designs. Out of 8,000 submissions from across the country, five of CF Napa Brand Design’s designs were selected and featured in their prestigious annual.


Step Inside Design

Step 100 Annual

Two of CF Napa’s designs win big, and make the list for the top 100 designs of the year for Step Inside Design magazine, one of the premier design annuals in the graphic design industry.

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Graphic Design USA

People to Watch in 2008

David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director for CF Napa Brand Design has been named as a “Person to Watch in 2008″ in Graphic Design USA, a magazine that features graphic design trends, people, ideas and products from the design community.

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Design Gallery

Packaging that Sells

CF Napa Brand Design’s innovative and eco friendly design of Boisset Family Estates’ Yellow Jersey was chosen for inclusion in Design Gallery’s Brand Packaging design annual. This innovative wine brand is bottled in a PET (Plastic) wine bottle designed by CF Napa Brand Design.

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Brand Packaging

Is Your Brand the Real Deal?

CF Napa Brand Design’s redesign for Hanna Winery’s wine identity and packaging is featured in Brand Packaging on the importance of communicating brand authenticity. Brand Packaging Magazine is a brand design magazine that highlights innovative packaging from around the world.

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International Mobius Awards

1st Place Statuette, Best in Show Nominee Janzen Estate Wines, To Kalon Vineyard

The Mobius Awards – the oldest, independent, international design awards competition awarded CF Napa Brand Design’s package design for Janzen Estate the coveted 1st Place Statuette and additionally nominated it for Best in Show. Mobius Awards draws entrants from 33 countries and consistently is one of the most prestigious design awards on the planet.


American Graphic Design Awards, GDUSA 2007

Vagabond, Janzen Estate - Domenichelli, Domenichelli Wines - Stampede, Stampede Brewing Co.

The American Graphic Design Awards spotlights each year’s top design innovators and their designs. Out of 8,000 submissions from across the country, three of CF Napa Brand Design’s designs were selected and featured in their prestigious annual.


American Graphic Design Awards, GDUSA 2006

Old Ghost, Klinker Brick Winery - Parallel Wines - Napa Valley Toffee - Cycles Gladiator, Hahn Family Wines - Saracina Vineyards

The American Graphic Design Awards spotlights each year’s top design innovators and their designs. Out of 8,000 submissions from across the country, five of CF Napa Brand Design’s designs were selected and featured in their prestigious annual.


Permanent collection of the American Design Archives at the Denver Art Museum

Edge Wines - Pazzo, Bacio Divino

The Denver Art Museum’s American Design Archives, represents the most comprehensive holding of American graphic design from 1980 to the present in the world. CF Napa Brand Design is thrilled to announce that several of its works have been accepted into the permanent collection at the Denver Art Museum.